I’m selfish but so are you!!

558ce9daf82d22921acec6cb1330b7b9Do you ever go through life thinking why? Why am i working so hard for so little ? That’s me….. BUT!
I’m so ungrateful for what i have, if i just stopped to think about all the people around the world who have nothing i’d maybe realise i do have everything. Life is a daily grind and we work so hard just to have a steady living but with the luxuries i take for granted and yet don’t see them as luxuries but the norm !
My home is nice and filled with all the latest things yet i moan about having little money to buy a car or money to spend on everyday items. Yes,  I’m selfish but so is many i just admit it….

With the above said i could equally have nothing and be happy, if i didn’t have the commitments i would happily clear of into the wilderness and have a life of peace and tranquility living on whats only around me. The modern life requires us to want want want rather than appreciate what we have, we are consumed with adverts of the latest gadgets, our neighbour who has the latest car we want or the friend who’s always looking good in their new clothes . . .

I’m now going to try and appreciate what i have and not think about all the things i don’t, you can’t enjoy what you don’t have and with good health and a roof over your head YOU HAVE EVERYTHING !!!