Down in the dumps!


Do you ever have them days or weeks where you just can’t be bothered but put on a fake smile and act like everything’s ok? Well, that’s been me lately!  I have little if no motivation at all and the worst thing is i don’t know why… Or maybe i do and rather not talk about it therefore locking it all up inside making me feel down and depressed.

I’d always recommend talking to someone if you feel down in the dumps but i’m a hypocrite! We all are but might not realise it at the time. I said in a previous post i wanted some me time to get away and chill out, if i’m totally honest this hasn’t happened that much. I’ve decided i need to really try to make this happen but i’ve said this all before.


I once watched  a movie called  – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and in that he says……

Life moves pretty fast if You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

This is how i’m feeling right now and i’m sure many others do! Life is moving so fast and i’m on a daily routine that needs to be broken and injected with some excitement and fun….

Sorry i’ve not posted in a while but i refuse to just make up the numbers and would rather post what matters to me and others.



3 thoughts on “Down in the dumps!

  1. That is okay. Why post if you don’t feel it? I am having the same issues right now. I turned 53 this year and I went into a depression for two months because I fully realized that I am more than half-way through my life. I hope that I can stay active and mentally alert into my 70’s and 80’s my grandmother sure did. But, it is still a short time compared to a whole lifetime. It happens to all of us at some point. That realization. I have made a point to try doing things that are more meaningful and creative for myself, which includes volunteer work and I am much happier.

    • Thats good and i hope that volunteer work keeps you feeling young because age is just a number and like your grandmother proved age shouldn’t stop us. Although when i turned 30 i thought my life was over haha it’s a metal thing.

      With me now it’s frustration, maybe i’m wanting to achieve too much have everything but get depressed because i have little time achieve what i want !!! “ amongst other life problems i could go on !!! “

      Ps i love reading your blog .

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