We All Have Split Personalities…


i’ve recently come to the conclusion that 99.9% of people have split personalities, you might not think so BUT!  Do you ever catch yourself answering the phone in a different tone of voice or while talking to a member of staff or management at work? I do and i’m not ashamed to say i do, i can’t help it…

I turn into a posh idiot and put on this pathetic voice that sounds like i’m from a place on the world map that doesn’t exist !!!!! It’s not just me, i’ve been to the bank, shops, doctors, you name it? People always act and talk different, WHY!!! why do we do it? You might be sat reading this thinking “ well i don’t, i’m the same all the time “ Hmmm maybe your that 1% ?

I know when i’ve picked up the phone to someone of importance i turn into this upgraded version of me but for some reason i can’t stop it? I’d love to be just me but would others like that? Are we all trying to impress, painting a picture of the person we want to be ? I don’t know!!!!

Lets all be honest ? Is that you ^^^^



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