Have Some Me Time

Ever feel like you need to escape? Escape from Life, Family, Work etc? I’ve set myself a goal that once a month i’ll take a drive on my own into a place where you could hear a pin drop. Why? Well, i need to start breaking life into manageable portions. Lately i’m feeling stressed why i don’t even know? Maybe it’s because i’m trying to juggle life in general and have little time to think of what i’m actually doing.

I hate to moan because there is always someone worse off than yourself and my problems are nothing compared to some, in saying that there “my“ problems and to me that’s huge.

All i’m asking for is some “Me time“ away from everything and everyone so i can clear my head and return with a better understanding of my next move in life.

Life moves so fast and i hate routine, i like the spontaneous stuff where you don’t need to think, i like the not knowing!!

We all know life isn’t like that and it does take planing. To plan effectively you need to think clearly and to do that you need some  “Me time”.


I started my escape today, i travelled to the coast to a deserted beach where the only things were over head. It was stunning, nothing in sight and the only sound was waves lapping up on the shore.




Why not join me and you yourself take time away from life and all the crap that surrounds it and have some “Me time”



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