The Bichon Frisé story

charlie 2


The family pet we never had! I say that because as a child growing up i always wanted a dog, a friend, someone to talk to, walk with and cuddle up with. You often hear people talk about Dogs as if their people, i could never understand that until recently.

We had our first child 5 years ago and even that was a miracle but that’s for another day…. As our child grew she often asked about brothers and sisters, we couldn’t bring ourselves to have that conversation with her so we just dismissed it, hoping it would pass and soon enough it did.

I always wanted the dog that i never had as a child but unfortunately my other half was attacked by a dog at a very young age and was badly scared. She held this great fear of dogs after that to the point she’d cross over the road if one was approaching . I had to respect this and never really pushed the subject but i also didn’t hide the fact that i wanted a dog either despite me been allergic to them 😦

It wasn’t until we went away with some friends and unbeknown to us a friend had taken her dog. A Bichon Frisé, it was the most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen, it just sat there next to it’s owner and never moved. Over the weekend we both were attached to this dog, i was amazed my eyes weren’t watering, i usually stroke a dog and my eyes stream and nose runs like a waterfall. Our daughter turned her attention on to the dog. Mum, Dad can we get one ? ermmm, errrr we’ll think about it love.

Weeks passed and all we talked about was this dog, i could tell both of us were growing to the idea 🙂 With my birthday fast approaching we’d decided that looking for a reputable dog breeder would do no harm even if it was to get some information on them. We eventually found one and traveled over 100miles to go view some puppies “only two weeks old” We talked so much about these dogs and left feeling like this was the perfect dog for our family.

We got a phone call 6 weeks later saying their ready if we’d like to come pick one she would let us be the first to choose. We said we’d discuss it and call her back, 5 minutes passed and we were arranging another visit and on route to choose our puppy.

We arrived excited with daughter in hand,we always said she could choose the puppy, we towered over these little white balls of fluff every one of us saying owwwww, aren’t they so cute!!! Most of them was around the same size but one was tiny and ran straight to our daughter licking her fingers and making a squeaking sound. She would not put this puppy down even to look at the rest, she had truly made her mind up from the off.

We got this little puppy home and she nurtured this little thing and showed it love and affection like it was her brother or sister, to this day she calls it her brother. Every evening she’ll kiss him good night just like every morning she will do the same. They have truly bonded like two humans would. Both me and my partner have also found a friend for life i couldn’t recommend the Bichon Frisé to a family enough. Meet our little world Charlie 7months old …

charlie 4





8 thoughts on “The Bichon Frisé story

  1. What a wonderful story. I have my second Bichon. My first passed away after 16 wonderful loving year. He was my world. Then I got breast cancer and I was still mourning the loss of my dog when my second dog, a black lab became sick and died. it was in the middle of my radiation treatment that I needed to complete if I was to have any chance of the cancer not reoccurring when she had to leave us. I was having a hard time with the radiation and the losses just buried my. I had no will, desire, or reason to go on. The doctors were frantic, Finally one said get another dog. I wouldn’t put a dog through that horror of losing and owner and I was not sure the cancer would not immediately come back The team of cancer doctors got together told me to get a dog, I would live to take care of it, I would have to believe it was going to be the truth, I would live. My second little Bichon is the complete little rascal I wanted this time out. He loves to let me nurture and love him. Then other times, he’s all little rascal. He helped my find the strength I needed to finish treatment and deal with all the not so go days. He makes me feel whole again.

    • The best bit about your story is the fact you’ve beat the cancer, I’m so happy for you and hopefully you can enjoy many years with your new dog. I couldn’t imagine losing Carlie he’s like my own child to me and a brother to my daughter but I know that time will one day come. I think you were right in getting another bichon it will give you all the support and love you need, I could never get another dog now such a great companionship. I wish you both all the best for the future x

    • Very Good to read Your courageous story, and that of Your Pup. …We are Cat people, I suppose, and our Cat and her two kittens give a lot of company to my Mom, and to Thane, who is Mom’s companion. Our kittens are rascals too! Wish You All the Best and Love.

  2. Loved this Your story/post, my Dear! Frankly, I love these kinds of things, where We find Love and Happiness and Nature all put together. (Domestic dogs are, at least for me, yet a part of Nature!). Happy Your daughter has her Friend/Brother! Love to You all.

  3. We are looking forward to having our first Bichon. Our children are all grown up and have flown the nest so we want a new ‘baby’. The pups are due on 24th May and I am so very excited. We’ve decided to have a boy if possible and we’ll name him Luca.
    Kay, Cornwall.

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