Living North


So This weekend we decided we’d venture out to the living north show at york racecourse, we never really knew what to expect. Been a magazine i wasn’t expecting a lot really? As we approached the entrance we were greeted by a nice girl who offered us a magazine for £1 instead of the usual £3, i started to think this is going to be a promotion fest and were going to be hassled about products with people using the hard sale tactics on us but no.. My first impressions were so wrong, in fact it was the complete opposite.

As we walked through the lobby we was greeted with a spectacular sight, i mean york racecourse is fantastic location anyway but these stalls were great, if only there was fewer people we’d be able to move and actually get close to these stalls. The first room was food, i think we had a full course meal just from the testers on display 🙂

All the stall holders were great i can’t remember anyone trying to force a sale upon us we were just left to look at out own leisure. We did buy a few items from this hall but one stall in particular we were so impressed with, a stall called WELLYBIX, this lady was selling homemade dog treats and what we was so impressed with is that they had been analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory, for us and Charlie that’s important. I would also like to point out this lovely lady sold us a dog cake treat for £1 and i must say if she said £3 we’d of been just as happy with that price, Charlie loved it, i don’t think it touched the sides

.group 1

Moving around the show there was a great mixture of stalls on show ranging from home furnishings to beauty products, photography and then gardening. A lot of the stalls did not appeal to us personally but i’m sure people with “ a lot “ of money to spend were spoilt for choice. I’m not insinuating all these stalls were expensive but yes, the odd few were and wouldn’t appeal to your average person. That said i think the whole experience was a good one and loved looking around, i think living north did a great job at putting on this event and would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of going to a future event.




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